Introducing: The 6MAG

04/01/2016 | Elevate Goods
When one joint just ins't enough...

DENVER, Colo., April 1, 2016 – Elevate Accessories, LLC (NYSE: ELV8) today announced a whole new product called the '6 Mag'. As many in the industry predicated, one joint just isn’t cutting it.


This incredible new device from Elevate Accessories doesn’t just elevate to you new heights but has expandable storage by supporting up to 6 high quality joints.



By harnessing this new smoking technology users are able to get 6x as elevated from our previous model. The 6 Mag has a built-in worldwide coverage area with auto 4:20 synchronization, and is designed with an ergnomic shape for maximizing your comfort. 


Studies have shown by using the 6 Mag in a real world setting your coolness factor is increased by 6x. The 6 Mag is our safest model ever and designed for all 21+ family members. In case of an emergency a 6 Mag can be used a monotone pan flute (with a chorus of coughing).





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Working With a Cannabis Business Accelerator

10/05/2015 | Industry News
Elevate is part of the next big thing in cannabis, and we are going to take over!

About 6 weeks ago Elevate was accepted into a growing prestigious business accelerator/incubator/bootcamp, known as CanopyBoulder. It was very exciting just to be accepted, beating out over 120 other potential businesses and founders. Now, 6 weeks in and it has been even more helpful than I ever could have expected! Practicing our investor pitches, creating financial models, reading, absorbing, listening, communicating, meeting, and talking (lots of talking), are all things you would expect from any accelerator. Even though we are in the cannabis space that does not negate our ability to work hard, stay motivated and get shit done! Only 6 short weeks before we wrap up our time here.


Here is a little video to help explain what Elevate is doing within Canopy and what we hope to accomplish...



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How To Clean Your Glass

07/23/2015 | Tips & Tricks
A step by step process with info provided by @stonedClassy




If you ask any veteraned smokers how they like to clean their glass, you are likely to get a lot of different answers. It's true that there is no single right way to clean your glass pipe, bong, or bubbler; but you can be sure there are some ways that are better than others. Elevate recently teamed up with Stoned Classy to sell our products, and we were so excited to see that their process is exactly the same as our AND what we tell our customers. So, thanks, @stonedClassy for doing all the leg work for us to pass along this very useful information!!


Here are the steps, as outlined on their website. You can learn more by visiting their page directly here. 


Of course, for some larger pipes the bag technique may not be possible, as with our Slimline. For that we reccommend adding the salt/alcohol mix directly into the bubbler itself. However, for our Mini Hitters this technique will work perfectly!


You will need:

1. Epsom salt – available at at your local drug store

2. Isopropyl Alcohol, the higher the percentage the better! – available at your local drug store, although the highest percentages you may have to find online.

3. Plastic Bag – you can figure this one out

4. That’s it!


Step 1:

First, wash the piece out with hot water. If the residue buildup isn’t too bad, you may find that very hot water and some rubbing is actually enough to get rid of most of the buildup.


Step 2:

Place the piece in the plastic bag and pour in the Epsom salt. There is no exact amount you need to pour. Remember, the purpose of the salt is to act as an abrasive. Put enough that the salt can entirely fill the piece – and then add a little extra because, hey, salt is cheap.



Step 3:

Pour in the Isopropyl. This time, there is a more specific amount needed. Make sure the piece can be completely submerged in the alcohol when allowed to sit.



Step 4:

Shake that baby up. I’ve found the best way to do this is to hold the bag horizontally, while grasping the actual piece with your other hand. Shake the bag in a horizontal pattern – allowing the salt and alcohol to continuously wash through the piece. Shake for a minimum of a couple minutes before moving to the next step.


Step 5A:

KEEP SHAKING! Shake until your arms are screaming in pain, and then shake some more. Unless you haven’t cleaned your piece within the last 5 years, vigorous shaking should take care of the residue in 10-15 minutes of mind-numbing, arm-centered, shaking-induced pain.


Step 5B:

If you have some extra time on your hands, you can simply let the piece sit for a while. My personal favorite method is to use a pants hanger to grip the bag, and hang it somewhere – a closet is ironically convenient as it also allows you to hide the piece if you still live with your parents (a moment of silence for our unfortunate fellow stoners).


Step 6:

Give the piece a nice wash in warm water, and let it sit for a bit so any excess alcohol can evaporate.


Step 7:

Get your clean piece dirty again!!

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Advertising Cannabis Products in the Mainstream

07/10/2015 | Industry News
What do you do if you want to get noticed in this industry??

Recently I started searching for a way to drive more traffic to this website via traditional marketing avenues, such as Google adwords, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, etc. Well, as it turns out, THOSE PLATFORMS ARE OFF LIMITS!  That is to say, off limits to those of us in the cannabis sphere, selling the plant, infused products and any other related products (such as Elevate Accessories). Even if you think you are trying to do something better and making an attmept to change the stereotype for the better, you're S.O.L. (Shit Outta Luck, in case you were not sure). 


Here is what Facebook had to say about a recent ad that I attempted to PAY THEM to post. Keep in mind, ELevate has a FB page (and we run other pages with simliar content) and they have allowed us and many others to make organic, UNPAID posts about cannabis for a long time. 


Here is the ad that I tried to post:


FB Ad Screenshot


And here is what they had to say"


"Your ad wasn't approved because it's promoting tobacco, cigarettes, E-cigarettes, cigars or related accessories (ex: pipes, rolling papers, bongs, hookahs).

Before resubmitting your ad, please visit the Help Center to learn more and see examples of ads that meet our guidelines.If you’ve read the guidelines in the Help Center and think your ad follows the rules and should have been approved, please let us know."


Well, I knew it would be a long shot that my response would make a difference, but here is what I said regarding them not approving my ad:


"My ad was specifically targeting adults in Colorado (21 years and older). I see that your guidelines say that my product is 'prohibited' from being shown on your platform, yet there are millions of people using your platform and posting pictures of illegal use of cannabis products in states that have yet to legalize. I only wanted to show this ad to potential customers that are in a legal state and are of legal age. Don't you see the opportunity you are missing by telling those of us in this community that we cannot advertise on your platform? There are already other ad networks being developed to combat your outdated policies. Facebook could be the leader in this new type of advertising and capitalize millions of dollars over the coming years as legalization becomes more widespread in the US. Come on, Facebook, be the change!

Is there any way you can work with me to allow me to promote my products on your platform? I intend to take my business and products as main stream as possible and start a new conversation about legal adult use of cannabis, with my products as the centerpiece of what that future will look like. Doesn't FB want to be at the forefront of that future too? What do you have to lose??"

Of course the reply from the Facebook Ad department stated exactly what I expected them to. Basically, "we don't care, case closed". Yep. WTF Facebook?? The next steps will be to make the Elavate page gain more organic traffic, make dope videos, and tell the story of how the industry is growing up and we are going to lead the way! 

Thanks a lot, Facebook and all you others, for keeping cannabis in the shadows. 
Alan Bader
Elevate Accessories | Founder

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Meet The Elevate Dugout

06/04/2015 | Elevate Goods
This popular selling dugout has everyone talking, find out why!


Dugout. For the uninitiated, the word calls to mind images of downtime at little league games. For veteran cannabis users, the word dugout conjures images of a poorly-made, unattractive, metal-and-wood kit you might have used in high school.


Old dugout examples:

Old Dugout 1Old Dugout 2Old Dugout 3Old Dugout 4


Embarrassing, right? The Elevate dugout was designed to be a reboot of that tired classic. It wasn't that the dugout, in theory, was all bad. Only that the style of those old pieces was in need of a makeover. Building off that clever practice of storing your herbs and your pipe in the same container, our dugout goes the extra mile with thoughtful design and quality manufacturing; and turns heads every time you bring it out for a sesh.

The current dugout line is made from exotic and domestic hardwoods, milled inside a CNC router and finished by hand. Our glass is manufactured by our friends Purr Smoking, out of Southern California, while the wood is manufactured in Denver, CO. Inside the dugout is a pocket that holds a little over one gram of herbs, and a cork-lined pocket milled to fit the included glass pipe. A simple-yet-strong magnet closure system locks the lid in place, keeping your herbs and pipe safe and secure. To add a little extra class, we inlay a bronze emblem of the Elevate tri-hex logo and engrave our name in script along the side. The finished product is no bigger than a pack of cigarettes, but far more distinctive.


How to use the dugout:

1. Grind your herbs and put them in the large pocket of the dugout. Use an old business card folded in half to make it easier to add the herbs. 


2. Wipe clear any loose herbs or kief from the magnet area and replace the top. 


3. When you are ready to use your dugout and mini hitter, remove the top, pull the mini hitter out by pulling with a slight twist to expose the glass. While holding the glass, pull the mini hitter free from the pocket.


4. Knock the herbs loose by tapping the side of the dugout bottom with the dugout top, then just push the glass into the ground, green goodness while twisting and packing the bowl. You may need to tap the herbs loose once more before packing it another time to completely fill the bowl, but that is up to you. (If your glass is freshly cleaned you may need to pack it by hand for the first sesh, as the clean glass makes it so that the herbs have nothing to stick to. After only one use the glass will have the necessary resin to allow for easier packing the next time you use it.)


5. Once you have the desired amount of herbs in the bowl, wipe the tip of the glass clean with your fingers to remove any loose herbs or kief. This will ensure that the outside of the pipe does not collect any resin and will keep the inside of the dugout cleaner longer.


6. Finally, enjoy your safety meeting.


7. When you're all done, tap out the ash and blow out whatever is left. Allow the glass to cool down for a moment by setting the mini hitter upside down in the dugout top. When it's cooled off, wipe the tip clean with your fingers again before replacing it in the dugout. This is to ensure the cork and mini hitter pocket stay clean as long as possible.


Dugout specs: .75" x 3.25" x 2"

Dugout Capacity: appx 1g

Glass specs: .5" diameter x 3" long

Glass capacity (when tightly packed): appx 5 good pulls; this is not a 'one hitter'

Limited woods: Bubinga, Bolivian Rosewood, and White Ash

Currently available dugout woods: Black Walnut, Hard Maple

Limited wood tips for the mini hitter: Pink Ivory, Verawood, Blue Mahoe, Bloodwood, Osage Orange, African Blackwood, Katalox, Burl, and Wild Olive

Currebtly available wood tips for the mini hitter: Black Walnut, Hard Maple



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It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

06/04/2015 | Industry News
A day hanging out at the Altitude Organic Medicine grow facility in Colorado Springs, CO By: OMNi



Alt Org LogoIf you've never been in a cannabis growing facility, small or large, then you are really missing out! The first thing you will notice as you approach the door is the overwhelming smell of all the plants growing, drying and being processed. As the doors open, allow your eyes a moment to adjust to the lights, and then you'll be staring at what can only be described as Heaven for any cannabis enthusiast. The oxygen is rich, the smell is potent, and the mood is happy and mellow. You can almost hear the angels singing.




This grow was in Colorado Springs, CO, about a 45min drive south from Denver, at Altitude Organic Medicine's state of the art warehouse. Only the best lights, soil, and a custom made nutrient are used to grow some of the finest buds in Colorado. We had the honor of touring Altitude Organic's grow facility for the day with none other than one of the owners, Aaron Bluse. His knowledge of the plant and the growing process has helped set the standard of quality people now expect from Altitude Organic. After a brief round in the nursery, Aaron walked us through aisle after aisle of flowering plants, giving us an opportunity to touch and smell the many strains they had growing! Aaron encouraged us to gently handle and examine the plants, and though our white lab gloves became more and more sticky as the tour continued, no one complained. I just had to be careful not to touch my camera with my sticky-as-Hell fingers! There are few things in life that I never get tired of, and the smell of a quality cannabis plant in flower is easily one of those things. If you asked me, there were two strains that stood out as clear winners of the smell test: the delicious Cheese strain, a serious sativa dominant with a potent sour cheese smell; and the bright, fresh Agent Orange, with its clean heavy citrusy smells. If only I could let you smell that Agent Orange through your screen, I would. It's like nothing else in the world!



Next, we checked in on of the drying and curing rooms, where Aaron showed us all the buds waiting to be packed and sent off for purchase by some lucky patients and customers. After that, we took a peek in the extraction lab and had a chance to see some super clean solventless wax. For those who don't know, waxes are made with a variety of different methods, mostly using some sort of solvent (butane, propane, CO2, etc) to freeze the bud's trichomes during the first stages of the process. In this case however, they use no solvents, simply ice, and are able to refine that into some very pure cannabis concentrates ready for your favorite dab rig or vape pen. We had the pleasure of sampling Altitude Organic's solventless and it is the best I've come across thus far. I highly reccommend it!




Sadly, we could not stay in the grow forever, and we had to return home to the 'real world'. If you are interested in plants and the growing process I would serioulsy think about looking into getting an education in cannabis cultivation, breeding, or something similar and get started on that dream. You will be proud and happy to go to work everyday if your office is located within this Heaven.


More photos from our tour:

Orange Velvet

Stankyy Dankyy


BudColaFlowerWaxDry Sift

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Try Not to Drool Over These Delicious Photos!

06/04/2015 | Cannanovo
This photo set is brought to you by Cannanovo.


Cannanovo is a Denver based creative services company for the cannabis industry. These photos are a set taken of various grow facilities and bud documentation. A mix of lifestyle and artistic quality photos as well as dynamic, near-scientific level photos. Enjoy.

Check out Cannaovo.com for more.


Cannanovo Logo 

Glamour Shot













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